joinmeihavecookies-deactivated2 asked: Larry Stylinson, secretly flirting (teasing each other :D) in a beach party haha Xxxx

Thank you :). Hope it’s okay :L. Its kinda, a bit mature. Sorry about that..

Harry smirked slightly as he looked across the beach to see his boyfriend staring right back at him. He wrapped his arms around the small girl in front of him, pulling her closer as he continued to grind into her, in time with the music.

Louis shot him a glare. He was teasing him deliberately. He had been doing this for the past half an hour and Louis had finally had enough.  It was time for payback. But he was going to do it a more risky way. Louis casually walked over to Harry and the girl he was dancing with.

‘Hey, do you mind if I just borrow my best friend?’ He shouted to the young girl over the music. She shook her head, moving away from Harry and joining her group of friends, giggling pathetically along with them.

‘What are you doing? She would’ve slept with me!’ Harry answered after she left, fake irritation written across his face. Louis picked up on this.

‘Tease me, I’ll tease you’ he muttered, pulling him into a hug while grinding his hips into the younger boy.

‘Lou..’ Harry moaned into his ear, unable to ignore the friction Louis had caused in their lower bodies.

‘Payback’s a bitch, babe’ He whispered before biting lightly on Harry’s ear. He pulled away, turning and walking to the bar, acting as if it was nothing more than an innocent hug. Harry groaned watching his proud boyfriend walk away, a perfect smirk playing on his lips. He was going to pay for that later…

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